Invaders Strike 2


Invaders Strike 2 is here! The incredible success come for more! Join the Phoenix squad with Rock and Sasha on a exciting adventure! A game full of action, dexterity and great challenges! You will face the biggest alien invasion of history! Strike Invaders 2 is a pure action game with …

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Furious Snake


Everything happens in space! Destroy aliens, reach the objectives and beat your own record! You can play Classic mode or action! Furious Snake is a very dynamic game, with graphics and effects of last generation and amazing design! But be careful! Furious Snake is super addictive! Features * Scenarios designed …

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Aero Monkey Jumping


Now available one of the most popular mobile games of all time! A perfect game, is highly addictive and you’ll want to play again and again. Carry Chip to the extreme!, non-stop jumping from one platform to another, collecting jetpacks to gain impulse, collecting invulnerability, etc.. Use the double jump …

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Uncharted Jewels


The sensational success of recent times comes to your mobile!, Break on through swapping and matching jewels at the uncharted island, is an addictive and exciting adventure! Uncharted Jewels is the best jewel matching game combined with excellent objects and obstacles for a guaranteed fun. Be careful where you move …

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Beach Breaker


Beach Breaker is the best brick breaker game, everything happens on the beach, the crab “Johny” and the octopus “Sammy” will guide you through exciting levels to achieve victory. You will see awesome graphics with the latest generation visual effects, cool animations and the best design in scenarios. You will …

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Aero Monkey


The great success comes to mobile platform! An exciting adventure! Helps to Chip to collect bananas, diamonds, fruits and various items, but beware! many enemies will go after you! You must overcome difficult obstacles, fight against powerful enemies and avoid dangerous traps.Beware! Aero Monkey is a highly addictive game! Features …

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Invaders Strike


Comes to your mobile “Invaders Strike” ! joint to the Phoenix squad with Rock and Sasha to defend the humanity from alien attacks! exciting levels and difficult challenges makes of Invaders Strike a game that you can not miss. What are you waiting for ?, the future of humanity depends …

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Vampire Snake


Play many levels and fight against different enemies, collect lifes, energy and upgrade items, but be careful, some items are dangerous! Vampire snake is a dynamic and highly addictive game!

Infinity Jewel


Legend tells us about four power crystals that together generate unlimited power, they are under the care of powerfull guardians called “The ancients”.The Earth is in danger, the sun has been extinguished but there is a hope, the four crystals of power must be together to revive the sun.For such …

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Barbarian Snake


Play many levels and fight against different enemies, collect lifes, energy and upgrade items, but be careful, some items are dangerous! Barbarian snake is a dynamic and highly addictive game! Features ★ Action Mode ★ Classic Mode ★ Different worlds ★ Bosses ★ Shoots ★ Items